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Relax & Soak Bath Set

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Product Information

Inclusive of
| Premium Salt Soak (7.4 oz)
| Peppermint & Tea Bar Soap (Square, 55-60gm)
| Natural Sisal Soap Bag
| Wooden Soap Dish

Premium Salt Soak

This soak salt is handmade by PAUSE. Each glass jar contains 7.4 oz of bath salt which includes premium sea salt, epsom salt and organic rose petal from France to help hydrate skin while detoxifying your body. The bath soak is vegan and free from synthetic and artificial colours and fragrances.

To use: Add 1/4 cup of bath salt to your standard size bath tub filled with warm water. Feel free to add a few drops of your favorite essential oils for a fragrant, hop in and enjoy!

Peppermint & Tea Bar Soap

Soap is very important and has become one of our daily necessities to our modern lives when it comes to personal hygiene routines. Did you know that soap helps reduce the level of stress and anxiety of our mind and body? P A U S E has been working on a variety of soaps with different types of fragrances and essential oils. Each soap bar is artisan handmade and it takes time to cure. A good soap can lighten your mood after a shower and makes a great gift too!

These soap bar are made with natural plant based oil and essential oil, contains Vitamin E.

Skin Benefits of using products that contain Vitamin E
| It protect and nourished your skin
| It helps prevent signs of aging
| It complements your SPF, reduce sun damage
| It keeps skin hydrated and calm
| It helps to reduce the appearance of scars

Scent | Peppermint

Benefit of Peppermint Essential Oil
| able to reduce stress & anxiety
| ruducing pain such as headache, muscle aches

Ingredients: Palm Oil, Sunflower Oil, Aqua, Sodium Hydroxide, Coconut Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil, Castor Oil, Vitamin E Acetate, Sodium Lactate, Tea Grounds, Mica.

Soap Bag & Soap Dish

Natural Sisal Soap Bag
Size | 13cm x 9cm

Wooden Soap Dish
Size | 12cm x 9cm

Why do we sell them together?

Do you ever notice that your soap "melts" faster while using the Sisal Soap Bag when it's supposed to be a soap saver? The tip is, do not leave the soap in the soap bag after use even if you hang it to dry.

To Use: Place a bar of your favourite solid soap into a sisal soap bag, tighten and shower with it. After use, remove the soap from the sisal soap bag. Hang the sisal soap bag to dry separately and place the soap on the soap dish let it dry. It is important to keep the soap bar as dry as possible between uses.

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