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Candle Care Set

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Product Information

Candles need to be well taken care of too! Let your candle burns brighter, cleaner and longer with our gold finish candle care set, acurated tools with delicate appearance comprising the three basic tools and a storage tray that every candle lover should own. 

Proper care for your candle is an essential part of extending your candle’s lifetime as well as preventing your candles from making a mess, hence having a wick trimmer, wick dipper and wick snuffer in your collection is essential.

 Wick Trimmer | Light Silverish Gold
 Wick Snuffer | Light Silverish Gold
 Wick Dipper | Light Silverish Gold
 Storage Tray | Gold

 Wick Trimmer | 18.1cm
 Wick Snuffer | 22.8cm
 Wick Dipper | 19.7cm
 Storage Tray | 22.9cm

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